A cheeky challenge from London Fashion Week…

At least it is according to Donatella Versace, who stormed London Fashion Week with her latest Versus collection. Gigi opened, Bella closed, and Victoria’s Secret bombshell Stella Maxwell emerged midway through in a cropped fuzzy sweater… and a branded VERSUS panty line.

Fellow VS Angel Taylor Hill flashed a similar waistband, giving the #MyCalvins campaign some serious catwalk competition. But if you prefer to keep your underwear inside your pants, you can try another Donatella revival: the belly chain (really), which Versace paired with a maroon miniskirt, a tight turtleneck sweater, and a massive black leather bondage collar. (Because of course she did).

One more thing: Don’t count the choker out just yet. After Insta-bait like Hailey Baldwin and Madison Beer flaunted them all through New York Fashion Week, Versus tied them on both Hadids, plus Korean Top Model star Sora Choi and current girl crush Adwoa Aboah.

(On the upside, if you’ve got a hickey or a vampire bite, you’re totally covered…)







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