• Photo by Suitmeet Salerno

After almost 3 years and always from Salerno the Third Edition of the Fashion Event #SUITMEET2022 promoted by the magazine “DLM MAGAZINE ITALY” together with the Cultural Association “MUTAMENTI” of Castiglione del Genovesi.

In previous editions Models, Brand Ambassadors, Bloggers, Influencers, Journalists and Simple Fans of MASCULINE STYLE and the Baby, met as usual in the splendid setting of the Villa Comunale making a good show of themselves and their looks In a riot of Ties, Bow Ties, Suspenders, Silk Clutches, Pinstress Suits, Buttoned, or Tartanized and Accessories of All Kinds but all strictly with Stiletto heels.

The event hosted numerous brands of national and international like: Salone Sartoriale, Franco Lovi, Dandy Camiceria, Reginella Camiceria, Cravatte Vintage, Crawatt Napoli, Miliari, La Cravatta, Sartoria Letteriello, Andrea Cammarota, Bottega Fournelle, Arechi Cravatte and Kasamiselle Cravate, Cv Plexjewels all brands of the Campania Region but not only Donella Ferazza Cravatte, Stefano Cau, SoloTu, Atelier Fil a Fil and Maria Giovanna Barrano from various Italian regions.

This year they had the honor and pleasure of hosting directly from the Dandy Days of Arezzo. Claudia Maggiurana well known as La Maggie Fashion Style (actually fashion editor at FashionHarp), The Stylists Guglielmo Giovannoni and Raffaella Barabaraci, the designer and Roman Seamstress Sibilla Carini, the Journalist and Event Organizer Beatrice Gigli.

Great satisfaction for Annabella Fortunato and Alessia Piragino artistic directors of the Event but also for the Director of the Magazine, the photojournalist Carlo Giacomazza, who announce other important fashion events in Salerno and province and the presence of the entire editorial staff and models at the Kermesse Pitti Immagine in June and of course also at the Dandy Days in Arezzo.



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