The Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2020 bag offering comprises a surprising new bedfellow for the brand’s Twists, Neos and mini Dauphines: the Video Tape clutch. Premiered on the brand’s Instagram mere hours before the show, the boxy accessory quite literally looks like a VHS tape, complete with faux magnetic tape strip and white label with DIY scrawl.

What is Nicolas Ghesquière watching next season? Horror movies entitled The Backpack Is Back and Le Malle Ideal (The Ideal Bag), according to the cassette stickers on the leather shells, which are the same size as Louis Vuitton’s compact Petite Malles.

Models wearing the dandy-esque collection slung the bags over their shoulders or wrapped the adjustable straps that emulated tape spools around their wrists. The style synopsis that accompanied the clutches? Amp up the drama with glossy red lips and a cattleya orchid pinned to your lapel. Gripping viewing.



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