Maredamare is an Identity on the front role in the global swimwear industry.



I would love to invite our Creative Director Naomi Campell and our Multimedia Producer Chloe J Whichello to the up coming events said Mr. Roy Bushmann (Ph) on Fashion Channel Microphone.

Every summer, hundreds of designers and thousands of spectators at the Fortezza da Basso Viale Filippo StrozziFirenze, Toscana Italy. The meeting point between the top buyers and the most qualified companies: from the most famous brands to the new ones boasting the highest number worldwide of major Italian as well foreign exhibitors.

We know that the beachwear, accessories, and underwear trade fair offer us a full agenda throughout the year. But which are the most important in a way that you can’t miss them? Don’t worry, we’re gonna tell you the top 5 fashion events that you have to follow closely! Visit The SWIMWEAR EVENT DIRECTORY on our website to download photos or videos from MAREDAMARE 2022 to your device



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