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A strong image and exceptional awareness of FashionHarp’s brand projects a unique, cosmopolitan, and modern style allowing for influential partnerships with many global brands “said Mr. Bushmann”

Will Mask’s become part of our Moral sense of right or wrong or the new Fashion item from 2020?

Model incognito Photography by Roy Bushmann



There appears to be a new fashion accessory out on the streets, you might think you’re at a ‘Burning Man ‘festival or quite possibly on the Film set of Mad Max – Love them or hate them, it seems the ‘Face Mask’ is here to stay (for the time being anyway).
Last night I received a text message from a top Fashion Photographer/Producer at FashionHarp, Wondering and waiting for the dot dot dot moment – he asked if I could put together an article on some Facemasks he had shot at his home studio in Florence, Italy.

I asked Roy what style he would like me to write in, with which he replied “don’t worry you will see the pictures and become inspired”.

He was right! I was inspired, but not only by the pictures. Roy forgot to mention he designed the Masks and Headdresses himself and also the Red Cloak – during his time in isolation.

So, here I’ put this article together with my words and Roys’ pictures and hope they join in beautiful harmony.

Roy wanted to bring Beauty and positivity into these elaborate yet fun Facemasks. He ‘explains ” I wanted to make the mask super cool, elegant, breathable but at the same time fun. This item will be iconic of our time in 2020, so why not make it a statement”?


Do I have to admit I am intrigued to see what the person looks like under the mask?
Maybe we will view attractiveness and sexuality in a different light, I am a sucker for a sexy
accent I must confess and they do say the window to your soul is through the eyes.
The Victorians had corsets, Amadeus rocked the wig (due to the disease syphilis which
resulted in major hair loss) but the 21st century has the Mask!
Imagine the designs that will be coming out in the future. I wonder if the mask will evoke as
much intrigue as the tooth grill?
SO many questions running through my mind like …
Will Male and Female masks be designed with symbols or will they be designed as none
gender identification?
Will the mask have a built-in microphone? Or will we talk only with our eyes?
Will we evolve with a smaller mouth and nose?
What about a silicone design with your favorite lipstick already set on the mask?
(a bit creepy) Rather like your favorite go-to handbag but a mask accessory.
Will it be standard application and will we be required to wear the mask whilst visiting
cultural buildings as a sign of respect? Rather like removing your shoes in certain Temples
And lastly, will the mask be required to be worn in crowded areas over the age of 25?


A year ago I think it would be fair to say that nobody would have thought these distinctive and mysterious fashion accessories would be dawned the ‘hero’ of fashion, but we need to embrace this item with ‘fun, curiosity, respect its protection and think of it as more of a way to unite us as a community.

By making these pieces stylish and unique, they can become an extension of one’s personality in a way that only a mask can.

Maybe some of us will view the mask like a quote from my favorite iconic Fashionista – the Late Isabella Blow.” Fashion is a vampiric thing, it’s the hoover on your brain. That’s why I wear the hats, to keep everyone from me”.

Roy at FashionHarp wanted to design the Corona mask in respect of the isolation story in Milan, where they are sending drones out into the city to prevent people from leaving their homes. So he designed an anti-drone headdress to block out the flying detectors so you cannot be trackable.

I asked Roy what the light bulb on top of the headdress was all about? With which he replied, “It could be access to the world wide web in case they shut it down”?

A piece of more Breathable fabric in a relaxed mood

a moment on fashion design

Trip Hop mode

Written by Roxy Cotton

Photo by Roy Bushmann


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  1. Roxy Cotton 4 years ago

    fabulous working with you Roy! amazing pictures, looking forward to coming to Italy in the near future and working on another major collaboration. Roxy x

  2. Sienna Alfonso 4 years ago

    Wow – wonderful photos, I love the style… pandemic fashion ! ! !

  3. Roxy Cotton 4 years ago

    I agree, like a favourite quote from Artist Banksy once said …

    Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

    Roxy xx

  4. Jasmin Jones 4 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant Roy as per usual. Love this body of work !!



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