ROBERTO CAVALLI has reached an agreement regarding its planned redundancies, reports WWD, under the leadership of new CEO Gian Giacomo Ferraris.

News of the layoffs was first met with alarm in October by employees of the Italian fashion house when Ferraris revealed the plan was to reduce the workforce by 30 per cent. Following yesterday’s conference at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in Florence, a total of 50 contracts will be terminated, compared with the 77 that were expected – 15 of which are voluntary. Ferraris revealed that he was pleased with the outcome.

“I am in particular satisfied with the sense of responsibility that the different parts have demonstrated and which makes us hope for the future,” he said. “As I declared at the moment of the reorganisation, I am convinced that Cavalli has in itself what is necessary to restart. With the contribution of shareholders, employees and management, as well as of all external stakeholders, we hope to quickly reach our objectives.”

As a part of the dramatic restructure, which also saw the departure of creative director Peter Dundas, Ferraris revealed that he was planning to close company’s corporate and design offices in Milan, move all functions to its headquarters in Florence, and shut or relocate stores in underperforming areas.

Bernardo Marasco, a representative of the workers’ union Filctem Cgil Florence which helped to organise a strike by staff following the news, said at the time, “There is a battle to do and we will do it to defend jobs and the brand on the territory.

Mobilisation is the response to the company’s plans.” Yesterday he expressed satisfaction at the reduction, although urged the company to look to use factories in the same Florence area so to be able to re-employ members of staff where possible.

“We have obtained a significant reduction of redundancies and a voluntary exit incentive higher than the mobility – from a minimum of 13 to a maximum of 17 months based on seniority and family obligations,” said Marasco. “We will fight so that the sacrifices of the workers will be followed by the relaunch of the company.”

Roberto Cavalli


Roberto Cavalli




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