Roxy Cotton (London).

Featured Model of the month: Augusto Virgili

Signed with “D Management” in Milan, Augusto’s Modelling portfolio is set to smoulder the fashion industry.

With his rock image, beautiful locks of hair, doe eyes, perfect jawline and an impressive six-pack (which he regularly trains with a staggering 200 sit ups a day! At 6ft 3 and a professional Tennis Player it’s no wonder the 26 year old model from Florence has just been featured in last months British GQ magazine as an 1980s resemblance of Axel Rose.

With his classy, elegant but masculine beauty, could this be the male version of Kate Moss? Naturally cool and obviously relaxed in front of the camera Augusto is certainly worthy of the label ‘Super Model’!

We salute you Augusto for your ownership of self; training like an Athlete (literally) and inspiringly plus mindfully eating a healthy wholesome diet.

But equally, it’s not just good looks that Virgili is all about – he is also involved in environmental charities and uses his popularity to bring awareness to these issues.



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