How Images are Selected for the Showcase Gallery

Showcase images are selected by editors and administrators when they audit new images. Showcases might also be awarded during a portfolio review. Showcase images are selected regardless of membership level. Thousands and thousands of images are uploaded each week, so for your image to be chosen, you really need to stand out.

What kinds of images will not be selected for a Showcase?

Attention please images size of file have to be not more than 100 K. Images smaller than 600 PIXELS will not be considered. Also blacklisted are gigantic image credits, borders, photos that look like tearsheets or comp cards, and montages.

How can I improve my chances of being selected for a Showcase?

Showcases are picked because a staff member loved your image enough to tag it during their constant image reviews. The best suggestion is to post your favorite images on the FashionHarp News under the critique section. Our members are always happy to give constructive criticism on what could be adjusted so that your image is the best it could be. You may also re-submit an image that you think may have been overlooked.

If you truly want to receive a Showcases Image, you may find that submitting a variety of different types of images might help. has several different galleries: photographers, stylists, models, influencers, dancers, photo-retouchers, makeup-artist, actors, digital artist, set designer, photo editors, model agencies, fashion designers, filmmaker, Illustrators, pre press specialists and more, nature, black and white and a host of other subject ranges. Keep improving your craft and hopefully one of your images will be chosen.

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