Indya Moore Is Elle Magazine’s First Transgender Cover Star

Live. Work. Pose (for the cover).

By Jamie Feldman

05/09/2019 12:20pm EDT

Indya Moore, alongside fellow “Pose” castmates and crew, is changing the game in Hollywood with the stories told by a cast with the most transgender actors in history. Moore, who prefers to use they/them pronouns, is making waves in their own right.

The 24-year-old, who plays Angel on the landmark series, is Elle’s June 2019 cover star. They are the first transgender person to accomplish this.

Indya Moore, who plays Angel on FX’s “Pose,” is Elle Magazine’s first transgender cover star

Moore looks gorgeous on the cover wearing Louis Vuitton, a fashion house that has embraced them not only as a model but an ambassador, having them host its show at Paris Fashion Week and wear its designs during awards season. This stardom, visibility and perceived acceptance are a huge step forward, but it’s something Moore has been working toward through their entire life and career.

“I don’t know how to have fun, I don’t know what my favorite restaurant [is],” they said. “When I’m around people having conversations about their day, I’m looking at them, like, ‘What could they possibly be talking about? How are not talking about deconstructing white supremacy right now? How are we not trying to save trans people?’ I don’t know who I am outside of someone who’s just trying to be free and find safety for myself and for others.”

That work has garnered them over 200,000 Instagram followers and a platform to help their fans and followers feel less alone ― the way they told Elle they felt throughout their life. Moore, who entered the foster care system at 14, had left and become homeless when they auditioned for and was consequently offered a role on “Pose.”

“I knew I had a chance to teach the world something that would help more people to be safe,” they told the mag.

With a major fashion magazine cover, a second season of their television show to come and seemingly endless opportunity on the horizon, Moore is sure to keep teaching ― and inspiring ― many.

Read the entire interview on Elle, which hits newsstands May 21.



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