ANTONELLA BRAVI DESIGNER’S BIO Antonella spent most of her childhood and part of her teen age years in the Middle Eastern Countries for her father’s work. Fascinated by the style of the women from these cultures she developed a deep interest in colors, textures, cuts and found her inspiration that she hid within and eventually merged to create her unique style. The image of the women in their kaftans, dresses of timeless beauty that let your imagination run free, is deeply rooted in her mind. “ I love the idea of a woman that only needs her eyes to enchant, the kind of woman that holds within the qualities of dignity, strength, femininity, elegance and sensuality.” Her silk caress and brush against the skin giving a glimpse and tickle mind, heart and soul, while her cotton laces summon her idea of woman: a pearl as bright as a star. Antonella designed her first dress at 8 years old and she kept believing in her art, putting her heart in all of her creations. Her purpose is to bring to the market a product that all women can enjoy 24h a day, something that can bring joy, comfort and beauty, a piece of art that helps feeling well in any situation, that can represent your personality, mood, ambitions and desires. Antonella loves wearing her own creation daily matching them with great accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, hats, earrings, and bags that she purchases from the best Italian artisans. She enjoys being sophisticated and glamorous, and … 3 x ELLA … she does love her dog Nicole! 3 x ELLA CARLA BRAVI COMPANY Our company is 100% made in Italy. Every collection is created with fine fabrics , silk and cotton, rigorously Italian. Our production is manufactured by the best artisans from Emilia Romagna with a great attention to all those little details that make a big difference. We proudly sell products that are handmade with love: this is how we give life to our creations for classy women who enjoy wearing unique garments. Carla Bravi is currently present in many exclusive locations both in Italy and abroad, like Porto Cervo, Portofino, Capri, Forte dei Marmi, Taormina, Palermo, Milano Marittima, St. Tropez, Bruxelles, Ibiza, Formentera. We are glad to Italian celebrities of the show biz such as Miss Italia 2014 Clarissa Marchese, Gemma Galvani, Heather Parisi, and to know that our products were appreciated and enjoyed by Elton John and Michelle Obama. Carla Bravi’s work has been acclaimed at “White” in Las Vegas, “ Tra Noi” in Paris and “Pitti Moda da amare” in Florence. We strive to make women feel secure, sensual, beautiful. Our goal is to become a leader Company in the sector and to be recognized and appreciated for our top quality and unique style


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