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100 Ways to Work In The Fashion Industry.

Whether you like fashion brands or models, covers, or editorials: contributing editors have the freedom to focus on their favorite fields, and membership on our international editor’s board is a great opportunity for your journalistic work to be seen by millions of fashion enthusiasts.

Take this opportunity to initiate an effective career in the fashion industry while being credited for your contributions!

Naomi Campbell

Creative Director

Mark Foster

Marketing Comunication

Agata Flo

Project Leader

Racquel Smith

Associate Editor

Cindy Koopmans

Managing Director

Roy Bushmann

Project Leader

Isabella Amito

Top Model Assigments

Wendy Watson

Technical Director

Chloe J Whichello

Multimedia Producer

Elin Karlsness


Avgust Korneev

Managing Director

Alisa Chiet

Contributing Men’s Fashion Editor

Julie Obscure

Model Scout

Walter Nestola

Editorial Assistat

Chloe Mvulu

Creative Digital Manger

Mikel Shkurti

Tv Network

Chen Man

Photographic Director

Kate Moss

Partnership Director

Daria Sayapina

Comunicating Director

Nick Eremin

Partnership Director

Tyson  Beckford

Senior Features Editor

Mariama Machaelo

Social Media Coordinator

Martina Furnaciari

Social Media Strategist

The idea of FashionHarp Calling All The Big Names by Patrick Demarchelier is genial, and it had already been on our wish list as a place to present a group of Celebrities in a different collocation.

We were supposed to hold an event in New York in July. But now, everything has been canceled due to the death of Patrick Demarchelier (our former photographic director) on March 31, 2022, at the age of 78.
In the meantime, we thought that instead of presenting a ready-to-wear collection, we would have preferred to have a healthy way to keep his memories alive by gathering all the big names like Kate Hudson, Cindy Crawford, Vera Wang, Beyonce, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen, Nicole Kidman and many others that were inspired by him, giving them the development, and management services they need as Creative Partners at FashionHarp.



We are always looking out for new profiles and work not listed here and we would be grateful if you would let us know about anything that is missing on FashionHarp by filling out the form below.

    Design, photo, social & marketing

    Louise Hunter, Design Lead

    Laura Foley, Senior Designer

    Helena Sonderskov, Editorial Creative

    Lucy Childs, Head of Marketing

    Business & commercial

    Stephen Morgan, Business Director

    Derv Gernon, Marketing and Events Manager

    Lucy Colledge, Head of Enterprise Sales

    India Quinn, Commercial Executive

    Robyn Brady, Marketing and Membership Associate

    Product & development

    Garry Yao, Software Engineer

    Anna Pagan, Product Manager

    FashionHarp Business in China

    Yǔchén Liú, Associate Editorial Director

    Ai Zhōu, Operation Director

    Crystal Liú, PA & Senior Project Manager

    Mei Wú, Editor

    Xiu Huáng, Digital Art Designer

     Hua Chén, Senior Business Development & Consulting Manager

    Qian Duo, Senior Operation Executive

    Communications & media enquiries

    Daria Sayapina, Communications Officer


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    Editorial complaints

    We take all complaints about editorial content seriously and are committed to abiding by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) rules and regulations and the Editors’ Code of Practice that IPSO enforces.

    If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us on



    July 2022


    Amelia Hogden
    Global Editorial Director

    Global Editorial Director

    International Editor at Large: Walter Nestola
    Editor, Enzo Mosca
    Global Director, FashionHarp Runway: Livia Munk
    Fashion News Director: Alice Berg


    Entertainment Director: Asia Stopani
    Culture Writer: William Spector
    Contributing Editors: Maira Brooks, Cinzia Rock, Veronica Green, Gard Heller, Miriam Valiani, La Maggy Style, Renata Kudrik


    Senior Editors: Chloe Schama, Corey Seymour
    Entertainment Director: Sergio Kletnoy
    Associate Features Editor: Marley Marius
    Culture Writer: Emma Specter
    Entertainment Associate: Keaton Bell
    Contributing Editors: Tamar Adler, Abby Aguirre, Miranda Brooks, Laia Garcia-Furtado, Adam Green, Rob Haskell, Nathan Heller, Liam Hess, Dodie Kazanjian, Chloe Malle, Lauren Mechling, Alexis Okeowo, Michelle Ruiz, Maya Singer, Raven Smith, Plum Sykes, Jonathan Van Meter, Shelley Wanger, Lynn Yaeger


    Beauty and Wellness Director: Celia Ellenberg
    Senior Beauty Editor: Lauren Valenti
    Senior Living and Beauty Editor: Ella Riley-Adams
    Senior Living Writer: Elise Taylor
    Contributing Editor: Alexandra Macon


    Global Design Director: Danielle Inghingolo
    Global Production Lead: Alice Dellamorte
    Art Director: Piero Amore
    Visual Director: Marisa Bruno


    Executive Director, Content Strategy: Anna-Lisa Yabsley
    Executive Editor: Jessie Heyman
    Innovation Director: Fernando Dias de Souza
    Director of Business Operations: Mira Ilie
    Associate Director of Logistics: Mimoza Nela
    Director, Audience Development and Analytics: Abby Sjoberg
    Senior Manager, Audience Development: Katie Henwood
    Senior Manager, Analytics: Chandni Vyas
    Senior Commerce Editor: Julie Tong
    Commerce Editor: Lilah Ramzi
    Commerce Writer: Alexis Bennett
    Commerce Producer: Clarissa Schmidt
    Content Operations Associate: Molly Barstein
    Associate Production Manager: Cassandra Pintro
    Executive Assistant to the Editor in Chief: Sache Taylor
    Assistant to the Editor in Chief: Carolina Gonzalez
    External Policy Advisor: Hildy Kuryk


    Social Media Strategist: Alisa Agento
    News Broadcaster: Francesca Sala
    Manager, Social Media: Elin Rangi
    Fashion Consultant: Fabiola Sozzi


    Multimedia Producer: Chloe Jasmin Whichello
    Director, Creative Development: Stefania Occhipinti
    Tv Network & Web Tv: Mikel Shkurti
    Tv Network & Web Tv: Alexandra Nicoleta Butucescu
    Photographic Director: Chloe Mvulu


    Production Director: Cristina Martinez
    Copy Director: Grace Edquist
    Research Director: Kristin Auble
    Senior Production Manager: John Mok
    Production Manager: Hollis Yungbliut
    Production Designer: Cor Hazelaar
    Copy Manager: Adriana Bürgi
    Research Managers: Alison Forbes, Amy Martyn
    Fashion Credits Editor: María José Gonzálvez
    Copy Manager, Senior Digital Line Editor: Jane Chun
    Research Manager, Senior Digital Line Editor: Lisa Macabasco


    Director of Special Events: Jessica Nichols
    Experiences Director: Laura Paterson
    Experiences Editor: Jasmine Contomichalos
    Experiences Manager: Ian Malone
    Experiences Production and Marketing Manager: Eliseé Browchuk
    Experiences Associate: Vivienne Letalon
    European Editor: Fiona Da Rin
    European Fashion Associate: Viola Marella Bisiach
    Contributing Editor: Lisa Love


    Vice President, Communications: Buth Vathanagul
    Associate, Communications: Maggy Oliviero

    Naomi Campell
    Global Creative Director

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