By Roxy Cotton

4 December 2020 .

Beneath the Mask!

Fashion is stripped bare at Pitti Immagine Uomo.

If I could sum up Pitti Immagine Uomo (in ‘normal’ circumstances), I would say it’s one of the biggest and most exciting men’s fashion events of all time set in my favourite Italian city, Florence!!! Sadly, due to Covid19, all 2020 events were cancelled…

In the month of June (the summer event), I particularly love seeing the different dynamics that move beyond the boundaries of unusual collaborations and edge into the reality of mischief!

Sometimes it can feel like you’re stepping back in time – think 1950’s Rat Pack ‘vintage style’ – but in this case Italian classic tailoring at its finest, swoon swoon. On the other end of the spectrum you have a very minimalist sportswear-led tailoring look going on, which I would describe as more clean-cut and modern.

If, like me, you enjoy the diversity of meeting a mix of exquisite folk from around the globe, I would highly recommend you visit Pitti Immagine Uomo…

The second event is usually held in January of each year. I am yet to receive a 2021 invitation, which makes me wonder if the event will be cancelled yet again…

This leads me on to a deeper subject and has me asking myself “will everyone attending the event have to wear a mask including models on the catwalk?”

Could the mask be a positive contribution to the accessory of the world that has changed as we know it? Is it now time to find a deeper meaning and way to express who we are? It will be interesting to see if the fashion culture will be inspired by this new safety facial device. I do wonder if others cannot see our face as a first impression, could this be a chance to deepen our inner expression and use our presence to cultivate our depth and inner awareness?

Maybe by placing the physical mask upon ones face we can concentrate on our inner being and – sounds cliche – but our inner beauty?

I hope the fashion industry and fellow creatives can somehow find ways of coming together and networking and we are all able to get back to a little normality by 2021.

From my own experience as an arty & creative person I know that above all else if I do not ‘create’ for a long period of time I will wilt like a tainted flower.

Being creative is a source of connection with whatever you wish to call it and I personally believe it is a chance to focus on your inner beauty and subsequently the ‘vibe’ of ‘you’. This is what will attract people to your presence and energy with or without your facial covering (bit girly I know but…) or maybe we need to strip back and wear ‘the Emperors New Clothes’ like our model here Mr Virgili – the last man standing without wearing mask!!

Creative Director Roy Bushmann

Writter Roxy Cotton

Photo FashionHarp Team

Model Augusto Virgili

The new fashion accessory – a six pack!

We need to remember to always support each other – bonds and *real* connection with other humans will develop in ways that we could never expect. The mind is a beautiful place.

The world is still full of inspiration and magic, we just need to adjust ourselves in order to see different ways to find beauty and happiness.

I sincerely hope that Pitti will be back on its feet by next year as I think we all miss events in the positive world of ‘Fashion’ (illusion or no illusion).

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