Get out the needle: Tattoo artists show off their skills

Photo by Roy Bushmann

Oct 18th 2018


FTC | The Official Florence Tattoo Convention 2018 —

Tattoo fans around the world may be wondering just where their favorite artists are.

Wonder no longer: Tattoo experts from more than 22 countries are showing off their skills at a convention in the Fortezza da Basso, Florence.

The Florence Tattoo Convention, which opened on Friday and ends Sunday, features some 350 artists along with concerts and competitions.

Florence Tattoo Convention continues to draw in larger crowds. The convention brings more than 350 artists from across Europe and internationally to show off their styles and compete in many categories for the best in show.

“I am a fashion photographer. Thanks to Silvia, I am here today again to work on this kind of event but hmmmm….”, said Roy Bushmann. “I am surprised at how the convention has grown over the years, and I enjoy the environment and challenges the event presents.

It has grown massively. We started with not really knowing what we were doing and we just stepped into it and it has grown every year and has become a very popular event. There are different categories for tattoo competitions.”

Tattoos have become more popular and accepted in society over the last decade, with two in ten Europeans getting their skin permanently inked, according to the market research company Ipsos.

“Sometimes I get confused as I am used to Fashion shows, but I think that with conventions such as this one, it opens up more conversation about the different types of tattoos, and making it more acceptable within society’s standards. The convention also offers the opportunity for people who are unsure about tattooing to learn more about it personally with the experts.”

“I do think that tattooing has come a long way and the industry has grown,” says Roy Bushmann. “I think that these kinds of shows let people come in here that wouldn’t normally get a tattoo, and they can feel a little more comfortable stepping in and talking to people about tattooing rather than going into a shop and maybe being a little intimidated.”

With the tattoo guns buzzing, ink flowing and customers tensing up from the needle pressure, tattooers displayed their art style across people’s bodies to spread throughout the community, connect with like-minded people, compete for top prizes and enjoy the live entertainment that is shown every year.


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