We’re a couple of hours in and pretty much drowning in ghd products and stylers. It’s even nicer than it sounds.
Since 7am this morning we’ve been building sets, styling models, steaming clothes, applying makeup, tweaking everything that can be tweaked to get the kind of beauty images we’ll look forward to priting in the August issue.
One of the ghd ambassadors Kenna has come straight from a night flight from New York. Any jet lag has been wiped out by the atmosphere; it is absolutely buzzing.
Zoe Irwin, ghd UK ambassador is first up with a tumbling deconstructed wave style on model Sharene. The volume around her face, created with the new ghd Platinum Styler makes the look a grown-up kind of glamour that you could wear to work without feeling too overdone (but still properly fabulous). Hopefully Sharene has got somewhere special to go after the shoot – this is the kind of hair that must not go to waste.


While Sharnee is being photographed by Kal (and whitnessd by the 300+ ticket holders and ELLE Insiders waiting in the queue to come in), Global Ambassador Adam Reed is creating a textured pony on Maybel, who is next on set.
Check back at 13.30 for the next update from our live beauty shoot in association with ghd


The ELLE Insiders queue to get into the studio first.


Global Ambassador Adam Reed chats through the looks with ELLE Beauty Director Sophie


Zoe Irwin, UK Ambassador for ghd, creates waves with the ghd Platinum Styler by using the ‘ribbon’ technique (like curling ribbon using scissors on your christmas wrapping)



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