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Premium-quality lingerie, shapewear and swimwear

Anita since 1886 & Rosa Faia


Anita is well-known as a specialist for top-quality lingerie and swimwear. The five brands Rosa Faia, Anita since 1886, Anita maternity, Anita care and Anita active serve a number of different target groups, but all share the same excellent fit, unrivalled comfort and impeccable quality.

Anita offers various collections of bras and panties for every day, highly functional sports bras for sports at all levels of activity and also shapewear for special purposes, e.g. mastectomy bras to be worn after breast surgery.

Rosa Faia offers a great variety of elegant lace lingerie,  comfortable bras and figure-shaping bodies. The Rosa Faia Big Cup bras up to a J cup offer excellent support and are also available for very small waists and in small underbust measurements.

We want to offer you products in our underwear and swimwear collections that are right on trend, but also have an innate ‘timeless beauty’. That means you won’t just feel great today – your lingerie will still feel wonderful in years to come.

Our products are available at retailers near you and in various shops of our online partners.



Fits like a glove, no matter what shape or size: with its innovative tailoring and clever use of materials, the comfort bra and comfort corselet from the new Sophia range are true marvels when it comes to fabulous fit. This is thanks to the three-section cup made of firm, opaque, knit fabric. A semi-transparent tulle insert runs lengthways into the narrow central panel, giving the cups an airy and light aesthetic. The floral embroidery with its





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