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David Angkawijaya

Freelance Independent Commercial Digital Imaging Artist / Creative Retoucher

David Angkawijaya is a Professional Digital Imaging Artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
He was born in Pasuruan, raised in Surabaya,

He felt so blessed when he got an opportunities as a D.I. Artist intern in a big company in Jakarta,
Indonesia named 2H+ Photography in 2012.
He fell in love with Digital Imaging after the internship
program for 2 months in there.
He got a lot of experince how it works in a commercial photography
industry there from the experts.

Graduated from his College in 2014, he tried to start his journey as a freelance fashion and beauty photographer in his hometown, Surabaya.
In his spare time, he also received some assignments from overseas to do digital imaging and retouching for some digital and online magazines.
He found a guilty pleasure when he did it.
He felt that digital imaging present to complete clients needs that
can’t achieved in photography proccess.

Untill he realized that his passion and love more into Digital Imaging, he decided to learn more about commercial photography industry and how to work as a team.
So he decided to start to focus his career as a junior Digital Imaging Artist in Tanda-Seru Detailed Imaging Jakarta, Indonesia in

Years of experiences in Digital Imaging industry and trust from clients make him realised that now is the right time to start achieve his dream. In mid 2017, he decided work as a freelance professional
Digital Imaging Artist.
He believes that he has to grow up and start making his own team to achieve his dreams.
In the future, he has a dream to form his own digital imaging team.

He has work on some major projects for Pocari, Pixy, Garnier, and some fashion brands over the years.
So he claims proudly that his speacialist in beauty and fashion sector.
He beleives that in the proccess in commercial photography industry needs communication and teamwork to achive same goals through a visual art.
So it would have more value and can answer the needs of various clients.

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Creative Retouching


Creative Retouching

Photo Manipulation including Cropping, Background Replacement, Masking, Shading, Counturing, Compositing, Color Grading and Detaling for Advertisement and Campaign Marketing Promotional Tools

High End Retouching

Retouching a Raw Photo to be visualized and proper for editorial


Retouching a Raw Photo

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