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Hi everyone, my name is MIKEL, I am 23 years old. I have always liked fashion since I was little and I asked myself what I wanted to do in life and I said I will follow my dream about fashion and when I started to get into fashion I was 18 years and the people looked at me in a strange way, they criticized me but I went ahead for my dream fashion should not be a thing that you put on a dress and you are affixed to fashion and passion and love and life so I ask you if you have a dream in casaforet try to make it happen you never have to grind for something that you love your dream …! for me it was great to be part of the fashion fair of all the world of A PITTI Uomo was there for me and it was a dream that was coming true and for me it was beautiful I was happy and I continue for my dream and my passion the FASHION ..!P

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