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About me

Monica Verner (Vernica)

Magazine Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Hello Everyone!

My name is Vernica (Monica Verner). I started out as a fashion model, doing several fashion shows, around the US. Just recently, I branched out and created my own publication entitled LVM EXCLUSIVE, a magazine that centers around Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment. I’m now working on my seventh edition and proud to say that LVM EXCLUSIVE Magazine is getting bigger and bigger, as more and more people start to notice it.

So far, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing and featuring other fashion models, from various parts of the world, some of the most recognized professionals in the business, including fashion designers, entertainers, actor/actresses, authors, producers and some celebs.

Needless to say I am beyond grateful, at this point. Back in 2018, when LVM EXCLUSIVE was nothing more than just an idea, I never thought that it would take off the way that it did, so quickly. But, this is where I am right now, and I’m steadily pushing to go further.

I am always looking to feature and promote new and existing talent, namely models, actor/actresses, singer/songwriters, fashion designers, brand managers, anything that relates to Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment. I’m also looking to bring on board more bloggers, journalists, also photographers, videographers (as I do plan on creating an LVM YouTube channel later down the line).

If you’re interested in being featured and/or joining the LVM team, feel free to drop me a line. So far, I have an amazing team of participants, including Lifestyle Editor Desirae L. Benson of Modelicity Magazine and Gossip Columnist Flo Anthony.

Another project that I’m currently working on is the birth of LVM LOCAL, which I’m also very excited about. LVM LOCAL will also center around Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment and will include various talent, industry pros and entrepreneurs, new and existing, from Philly, Jersey and surrounding areas. I may include New York, DC and Maryland. The very first issue of LVM LOCAL is expected to release in July.

In the meantime, you can check out all of my editions of LVM EXCLUSIVE at, under keyword: LVM EXCLUSIVE.

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