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Sammy Baxter


Sammy Baxter is a photographer that works in the UK (Bournemouth, London) who is taking photography to new levels of artistic expression, with imagination and creativity. Her bold and exciting imagery has already caught the eye of industry professionals such as Saatchi and Saatchi.

Sammy developed her photographer’s eye by travelling all over the world both professionally and for pleasure. In Spain she worked as a magazine and newspaper photographer, honing her skills and capturing images of beautiful events across a vibrant country. Commissions abroad have allowed Sammy to work in challenging environments which added new depth and perspective to her work, setting her apart from other leading photographers.

Today, Sammy works as a commercial and fashion photographer. She works alongside some of the most well-known models and celebrities, professionally directing and styling her shoots. Her London photography work continues to draw international attention.

studio: 0207 971 1001
mobile: 0758 631 4935

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